Cs (ground areas, heliport)

(sbkodama) #161

Hello, little texture test. Now I think about the use of stencil map for fades texture smoother and the addition of sand blast and of footprints on sand.

(sbkodama) #162

Good evening, I reflect currently a problem fade animation:

I always use multiple animations at the same time, such as aimX-aimY-walk (f/b/l/r/fl/fr/bl/br) and the recorded bones are differents for each type of animations. So I do not understand why the fade animation, for example walk (f/b/l/r/fl/fr/bl/br), does not work.

Revision of sand and mist. :slight_smile:

(sbkodama) #163

Hello, revision of screens and small walls, test of small pillars with lamp.

(sbkodama) #164

Hello new uniform color test with lighter specular for very dark gray and secondary color (not finish on arms).

(sbkodama) #165

Hello, I reopen slowly the development of my Cs project with :

  • various updates on level design, render, logic,
  • New ability to target the specific nearest object,
  • New ability to turn on the y axis in addition to x and z axis.

Unfortunately I have a problem with the blending of “action” that don’t work on my character.
Is that the activation of several actuators “action” at the same time blocks the possibility of blending ?






(haidme) #166

I assume you are referring to the “blend” property in action actuators.
When blending action A with action B make sure, that the new action(A), you want to apply is with higher or same priority like old action(B). You cannot blend action A with B if B is with higher priority than A.
1.You can change priorities of action actuators in real-time with Python. So if you want to blend action A with B but A is with lower priority than B, first change the priority of A to higher than B and the activate the actuator.
2.You can not blend animations of same bones in different actions, if one of them is missing key frames on the bones and the other has.

(triistate) #167

clearly amazing, this is the first time seeing this thread, ill be watching it lol.

Keep it up

(sbkodama) #168

Hello and thank you haidme and triistate.

Yes I am referring to the “blend” property in action actuators.
I don’t use priority, all animations are on the same priority so no animation is highter than others,
and basic animations that must be blend use uniques bones never use in other animations.

for blending a little my animations, I changed the playing mode of some basic animations, now played with a property “rhythm” that add +1 at all frames and restarts at 60,
so animations are played on the same timeline represented by this property “rhythm”, so the first frame of a new animation follows perfectly the last frame of the previous animation.
(example of the frame 15 of the animation “run forward” where the left is raised, and will be perfectly followed by the frame 16 of the animation “run left” where the left arm just beginning to go down, or any other animations played with the property “rhythm”)

(sbkodama) #169

Hello, after some test on level design I attempt a passage to blender2.64 and I wish some information about changes in python, I also think ragdoll for my character but have not found an example playable.

Edit, after reviewing my scripts for 2.64 I tested and I do not use blender2.64 currently, controls of the game did not seem to respond, the software takes too much resource, readability of bricks is too limited.

(sbkodama) #170

Hello, here is my latest update:

  • “ragequit” activated with the button “echap”/“back”,

  • interface switched with the button “enter”/“start” (keyboard>pad>keyboard>),

  • camera switched with the button “down” (internal>bust>waist>body>far>cinema>internal>),

  • aim and defend activated and deactivated with a tap on the button instead of a maintain,

  • new function “leap” activated with a quick tap on the button “forward”.

  • revision of the artificial gravity with an added movement “Linv” instead of “force”,

  • new bone “bust” on the armature and revision of mesh and weight paint for the player character,

  • beginning of revision player character animations.

  • display lines from hands to cursor when aim or defend are activated.

In parallel with these updates I also tried a new approach with the modeling of my island:
Would you have any advice for certain elements? like modeling sand or texture structure ?

Render texture face materials :


Real claris :
http://www.hostingpics.net/thumbs/79/55/90/mini_795590Cs0b.jpg http://www.hostingpics.net/thumbs/33/06/81/mini_330681Cs0a.jpg

(sbkodama) #171

Hello, here is my latest update:

  • camera changed with the “up” button,
  • camera rotated with the “up”,“down”, “left”, “right” button,
  • camera automatically shifted to left, right, up, when aim or defend is enabled.

In order to have a character with fluid animations I tried for a few days a ragdoll …
Members and constraints are set and now I’m trying to stand up it depending states lie, crouch and stand.

I managed to:
detect or not near decor with two “near” sensors,
detect or not the ground with two “raycast” sent forward and downward the waist of the character,
land the character on the ground and remove a number of health points proportional to the velocity of the impact,
align the waist to the ground depending states, lie (front of waist to the ground) or crouching / standing (down of waist to the ground),
force on waist and torso with a motion actuator depending on states, lie (waist and torso force to front) or crouching / standing (waist and torso force to up)

Now I try to turn the head with X, Y and Z property recovered by mouse or pad, and place thighs, shins and feet character depending to states, lie, crouche, stand, but I have a little trouble with that and wonder what orientation methods use ?

http://nsa32.casimages.com/img/2012/12/21/mini_121221125909180609.jpg http://nsa31.casimages.com/img/2012/12/21/mini_121221125918965825.jpg

(sbkodama) #172

Hello, here is my latest update:

  • I reviewed my constraints rigid bodies joined 6dof because I understood they use radians and not degrees…

  • I managed to almost make my character align with the ground, unfortunately thighs is often folds forward and prevents the character completely align in lye position …

  • A script for configuring keyboard+mouse and 360controller which uses five sensors, mouse, keyboard, joystick-stick, joystick-button joystick-cross instead of a hundred sensors, controllers, actuators, for my version logic brick.

The script makes that both interfaces keyboard+mouse and 360controller used can passing directly from one to another without dead time, without pressing or change anything in the game options or other, the only constraint is because both interfaces can be used simultaneously, the orientation with the mouse may be disturbed by the orientation with the right stick (or vice versa), so the orientation is limited to one interface at one time and the compromise make is the mouse oriente when the right stick and triggers are dead (center).

(sbkodama) #173

Hello, I tried to emulate a playable ragdoll where members constantly follow “empty” objects
that allow animation, unfortunately I have not managed to fit it with my ragdoll…

So I am still looking for ideas or comments about the animation of a player character ragdoll.

At the moment my character is 12 units high stand and his “waist” party, which is almost the center,
includes two sensors “near” that detect or not objects “scenery” and “target” in a radius of 25 units.

The “waist” sends “raycast” to six “hubs” placed at 25 units up, down, front, rear, left, right,
to detect or not the “objects”, “hits”, “normal”, “Polygon”, of “scenery” and “target” near less than 25 units.

Then if he don’t detect a “hit” up, rear, left or right he turn down.
If when lie he detect down he turn down and if he detect front he align +y with the “normal” of this direction.
And if when crouch/stand he detect front it turn up and if he detect down he align -z with the “normal” of this direction.

Finally local forces are also applied during these rotations and alignments, for assist rotations or waist height based on lie, crouch and stand.

(sbkodama) #174

Hello, I stopped trying to make that members follow empty objects for animation.

I limited the unwanted rotations of the members of my ragdoll character with changing the physic mode of its key members (waist, feet, head) from “rigid body” to “dynamic”.
One of the only small bug that I just sometimes comes with feet that “go” when collisions are too pronounced.
But this little bug does not influence the rest of the character, there is only feet that wander a bit and all others members remain in place.

I succed to align the waist to the ground and no matter how other members are placed they come correctly, now I go try to adjust feet for stop state.


Hello, I have a new problem that I am facing…

I mainly use the member “waist” to control the pose of the character, as aligning the ground or force to up during crouch and stand positions, and it is in physic mode “dynamic” while thighs that are parented to it by constraint “rigid bodies 6dof” are in physic mode “rigid body”.
I use a different physic modes for the waist compared to the other members because a waist in physic mode “rigid body” generates too many unwanted rotations despite the collision box “box” and it has too many difficulty to align a vector even if the time chosen is the minimum, which is not the case of a wait in physic mode “dynamic” which align perfectly as desired.

Unfortunately my problem is that I feel that the difference of physic mode between the waist and thighs is problematic for thighs.
If I do nothing to thighs they orient themselves perpendicular to the waist, no matter lie, crouch or stand, and if I try to align their z-axis to the vector of a pivot located above the waist, with a minimum time, they aligns a little but always strength to go perpendicular to the waist.

Any idea how to solve problem?

http://nsa30.casimages.com/img/2013/01/04/mini_130104114654387369.jpg http://nsa29.casimages.com/img/2013/01/04/mini_130104114649412624.jpg http://nsa30.casimages.com/img/2013/01/04/mini_130104114659468591.jpg

(SolarLune) #175

I’m not sure, but maybe you could try changing the collision mesh for the thighs? If they had a convex hull collision mesh and were situated a bit ‘out’ from the waist, maybe they wouldn’t force themselves to sit straight ‘out’?

(sbkodama) #176

Hello and thank you solarlune.

At the beginning of the creation of my ragdoll I tryed many collision mesh like convex but the mesh of lot of members aren’t good for this, as feet, so I choose box collision mesh.

So I finally returned the waist into rigid body physic mode, try to setup its rotation damping and I win with its maximum.
It don’t cancel the “align axis” and “.orientation” fonctions so I can have good control with this kind of rotation.
I also made it for abdomen, torso and head to rotate with mouse or joystick without unwanted rotation.

Now I try to pose and move my ragdoll in lengthen speed state and I go see the rotation damping of others members.

(sbkodama) #177

cs edit…

(Monster) #178

reopened on owner’s request

(sbkodama) #179

Hello Blender artists, I came back to my cs project since months now and I updated a lot.

http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625030741829087.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625030752400648.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625030807578028.jpg

I use blender 2.64 that allow a simple texture rendering.

http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625030820522813.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625030824574211.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625030819392229.jpg

Objective n°givian : extract the prototype.

http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031305461391.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031310238848.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031313821705.jpg

Interfaces ( azerty or qwerty keyboard and mouse or joypad ) :

  • rotations > cursor or right stick and triggers.
  • camera > alt key or right click.
  • move > z and s and q and d or w and a and s and d keys or left stick.
  • crouch > espace key or a button.
  • aims > a or q and e keys or x and b buttons.
  • defends > left and right clicks or left and right buttons.
  • target > tab key or y button.
  • options > entrer key or back button.
  • pause > echap key or start button.
  • rage quit > end key or nothing.

http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031329755988.jpg http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031340798419.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_14062503135071741.jpg

Functions :

  • sequentials actions ( release then maintain a direction to run, etc, … ).
  • automatics actions ( climb a small wall while a run, etc, … ).
  • point & click interactions ( aim and click ).

http://nsa34.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031357935629.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031400249337.jpg http://nsa33.casimages.com/img/2014/06/25/mini_140625031401136520.jpg

in anticipation :

  • inventory, equipments.
  • sub areas.
  • childrens of sub areas.
  • areas.
  • open gl.

up to fixe :

  • reposition of the camera during the option main menu.
  • increase of xy speed of the character during ends of fall and slide.
  • reduction of the perspective during defend and aim.
  • liberation of the camera during target and defend.
  • add of a dead zone in rotations of the character.
  • deblock of the loop in the “no” action.
(Smoking_mirror) #180

There are some other screen capture softwares out there. When I use fraps there is the option to capture at half size, this speeds up the frame rate. Also you can try shutting down background programs like your anti virus software when recording a video. Sometimes anti virus software does scans in the background and that can make the video slow.

Anyway, the game looks very nice. The environment is nicely rendered, and the character is interesting.

I know when I upgraded from an older version of Blender I just abandoned my old project because it can be a real pain to make old projects work well on new versions of Blender. Good luck with that.

What kind of audio are you using? MP3, WAV files? How are you playing them? With a sound actuator?
Have you tried creating an empty on another layer, then giving the empty the required sound actuator and an always sensor, then spawn the empty (with a life of 50* however many seconds the sound lasts) to play the sound? That usually gives the best results.