CSV File Importer for Animation

(I originally posted this under Animation, but thought the Python forum might find this of interest.)

I’ve written a CSV file importer script, csv_animate.py, that stores the data to Ipo curves, allowing motion data created by other programs to be imported into Blender. The importer is a set of generic functions–you have to write a short script that calls these functions. Your script is specific to your application. It determines which columns of the CSV file(s) get mapped to which Ipo curves. The importer includes a hack, er, I mean feature that lets you manipulate the data before passing it to the Ipo curve. In addition to supporting the standard object Ipo curves (Loc, Rot, Size, etc.), the importer also lets you do rotation around an arbitrary axis. There is also support for object name extensions (e.g. .001, .002, etc.) so you can easily process duplicate objects in a loop.
The csv_animate.py script can be downloaded here, and includes a demo script.