Cthulhu-Myth // Totem // 3D Print

Cthulhu-Myth Totem is one of my first own 3D Prints. Printed on a Form 3 with grey std resin. (17cm height)
I thought black and gold would be a good combination to start with and i really enjoyed using airbrush and brushes as it is quite a nice contrast to working on the computer.

ClayRenders (Evee);

Photos of the raw 3D Prints can be found on my Artstation;


Friggin’ awesome! :laughing: :laughing:

Great work dude!! Love it!


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Must be super cool seeing your design in real world

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yes, it is pretty amazing to see how something you create on the computer becomes real. Also painting is a lot of fun and i definitely plan to do more :wink:

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Thank you very much! I still have to learn a lot more about 3D printing, as the model is pretty heavy. Next time i think i have to hollow out the body to save some resin and make the model more lightweight. Tips and tricks are alwayse welcome, so if anybody got any producing figurines on the form 3, please let me know! :wink:

If Cthulhu is originally supposed to be scary, then why is this making me giggle? :slight_smile: :smile:

Anyway I love it!

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Not sure what printer software you use, but don’t these applications look for optimization for print?
But some boolean ops on the model to ’ hollow out’ certain areas would save some resin for sure. The main question is, how thin can you make a wall so you can print it, and make it strong enough to survive daily handling. :wink:

The Form3 has its own software / Preform - I’ ll just keep on testing and reading descriptions, but so far i am pretty amazed of the quality that can be achieved with a privat printer, though the handling of the liquid resin and the tank is a bit anoying, if you don’t do dayly prints.

well, actually my intention was not to make it scary. Moreover the dimesions of the figurine with the big head and the small body alwayse tend to make figures a bit more cute ;). Thx for your feedback.

Just looked up the printer, and that looks like some really nice kit. Way out of my price range atm, but nice kit. :slight_smile:
And it looks like there is some optimization things in the software, but no idea how far you can tweak that before being rerouted back to modeling.

Found a way, but it is not possible in preform;

you need to use Meshmixer to hollow out the model for bigger prints, otherwise it will alwayse be the full model, what actually is superb for small models.
But i think you can do that as well in zbrush, bevore exporting the model. I’ll figure it out and will keep you updated with the next print.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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THX Bart! :star_struck:

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