Cthulu-esque Creature Sculpt

Another quick sculpt and texture I did on twitch stream using Blender 2.81 Sculpt Branch


I’m often ‘pi*sed-off’ with people who ‘quick-scult’ amazing things !!!

This would take me hours to do this !!!

And as a HP Lovecraft fan i love it !!! 8))

what do you call ‘quick’ ?

Anyway, congratz !!! the result is great !

Happy blending !

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Thanks! a couple of hours is still considered quick. I did this on stream in between chatting with people and answering questions. If I had to to this the correct way…it would take a few days (retopo, correctly texturing, rigging etc)

ahahah !!!

I guess we are not of the same capabilities :wink:

If i had money i’d enroll you for what i’m doing, but i’m still an amateur !!!

And if you ever rig this lil piece of CTHULHU myth demon, please share a small vid or gif for eye candy :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening ! And thanks for this pic mate !

Sure thing! :slight_smile:

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