Ctrl+Alt+0 and mouse wheel zoom

I wish there was a way to render the exact view I am viewing currently in the Viewport, temporarily without changing the camera, but there seems to be no such feature, and I have to modify the camera. Ctrl+Alt+0 is the shortcut for that.

The problem is that I often use the mouse wheel zoom and often the result of Ctrl+Alt+0 does not match what I was seeing in the Viewport. I have to press 0, adjust the zoom with the wheel hoping that Ctrl+Alt+0 match what I see, press Ctrl+Alt+0, and if it still does not match, I have to repeat the process.

Is there any better way to avoid this?

I guess this can help

It’s won’t match for one or two reasons:

  1. The Focal Length of the Viewport does not match the Camera Focal Length
  2. The size and shape of the 3D Viewport does not match the size and shape of the camera output.

You can render a snapshot of whatever you are looking at using View>Viewport Render Image

If you need to render a camera view and don’t want to move or disturb your existing camera then just add another one.

Oh… and a tip for positioning your camera without worrying about scroll wheels and the like. Jump into camera view. Hit Shift+` (tilde to left of number 1 key) and use WASD to fly your camera around while aiming it with the mouse). Q and E move the view up and down and mouse wheel controls speed of movement. When the camera is where you want just press left mouse. I use this method 100% of the time for positioning my camera,