So… in the Web Design class at my school, we’re making websites for fictional bands. And I, being literally OBSESSED with finding any-and-all ways to incorporate Blender into our projects, decided to design, pretty much the entire thing, in Blender. Befire I even knew what I was going to do with the site itself I made a few, interesting, album covers, and I though I’d put them up on here.:eyebrowlift:

#1- #include.(beat)
The second newest of the covers, my first real attempt at using Meta shapes and trying to fake a goo…

I just really like hypercubes… this one has two versions, a shattered glass one with no text, and a clear one with text… I really need to put the two together.:stuck_out_tongue:

#3- Binary
Still no text or extra fiddly bits… but it’s getting there.:confused:

#1.5- Original #include.(beat)
The slightly older version. The only cool thing is that none of these things are withing 2 or 3 blender units of each-other. Since I was moving everything from the Camera view and such.

and that shattered glass Hyper-cube:D

Any ideas or tips to make these better would be awesome.
Thanks for your time.

The default blender font is kind of ubiquitous around here, you can load any properly compiled .ttf font. Use alt+ left/right inbetween letters to adjust kerning ( if there is too much or too little space between letter pairs - you’ll notice the space between cap A and cap W is wide like the pacific ocean)

http://www.google.com/webfonts allows you to use fonts for free, but read the license anyway, it has some really nice fontfaces.

Thanks for the font site! I never really paid attention to the fonts. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I did download a crap-ton(ne) of them today for just that!

1- #include.(beat) -with 8-bit-ish fonts… it just seems necessary…:wink:

I’m going to re-render the others later today. Possibly.
Also, I’m going to work on a band shot, so look out for progress on that tomorrow if I don’t screw it up!:eyebrowlift:

ctrl-alt-awesome live in concert!:wink:

My first real use of compositing(I have no real idea of how to spell it…:() nodes!:rolleyes:
I actually really like the way these turned out, my only problem is the modeling, which, as you can tell, is horrendous!


First run at Depth of Field…

The final version of the Hyper-cube album cover…
I really like the way this turned out!
Considering I was working on a crap-tastic laptop at my school.:eyebrowlift:

SUMMER VACATION!! WOOT WOOT!!! (Started forever ago… but whatever…)
Guess that means the end of Ctrl-alt-awesome… for now at least…