Ctrl-LMB organic extrusion BUG ?

With Ctrl-LMB you can quickly extrude selected Verts/Edges/Faces.
Recently I found strange behaviour while extruding faces that way with conjunction with changing view planes.
You can recreate it by adding cube and extruding one face from e.g. TopOrtho view.
Everything is OK, newly created faces are perpendicular to the view.
Here is pic:


Now go to e.g. FrontOrtho view, select other face and extrude by Ctrl-LMB.
New faces are no more perpendicular to the view.Why - am I missing something?
They are rotated towards camera a bit and Y-rotation seems to be odd and inaccurate.
Here is pic:


It happens in all 2.5x builds and also in 2.49 ( and maybe earlier too ).
Is it a bug? Something like not flushing function buffer that affects next extrusion from different view?
Can anyone explain or confirm as bug so I could report it?

I also tried in both 2.5 (build 28926) and 2.49b and got the same problem. The problem seems to only be the first incorrect extrude, the ones following it are rotated because it is.

Here is another situation where something goes wrong. This happens immediately in the first couple of extrudes. If you happen to only select the first two vertices and extrude nothing strange seems to happen while in front view when you extrude, but when you change view you can see that they are rotated.

This is in orthografic top view:


Thanks for posting this, I thought that I was just being stupid.

Yeah, there are so many issues like this that really need attention, instead of so much attention on new features and new movie projects.

So, umm, what’s stopping ya?

Well, umm, I’m not a developer. What’s stopping you?

Your silly posts!

‘…so much attention on new features’ apparently…

Oh, and I do in fact fix bugs (that I can) that get in the way of whatever I’m trying to do. For the rest I submit bug reports.

Well, thank you for your contributions.

@kernond & UncleE : everyone here wants Blender to be better and better, and there are many ways to contribute: coding, documenting, bug fixing, bug tracking, creating new ideas and even criticizing. Everyone has different skills and knowledge so let’s play together. New features have bugs 'cause they are new, old features have bugs 'cause they are ported without paying good attention to how well(bad) they work. Not so good but we have to wait.

@Dayanto : indeed, first extrusion is the one messy.

Thanks to all you guys for reply.I did more tests, playing with Plane and edge extrusion and I found some dependencies:

1.Non symmetrical first extrusion

  1. Symmetrical first extrusion

3.Moving verts to break symmetry - something like cross-mirror

Seems like some tension. Maybe wrong normals calculation. I don’t know.
Maybe some dev voice before I report it?

Good tests. That should help the devs.

Well, no dev voice so I’m gonna report it as a bug. But there is one thing bothering me. It is the name/description word : ORGANIC. Couldn’t find anything useful about this function and how it’s computed.
Maybe the word ORGANIC is the key. Maybe it’s causing Blender to take into account neighbouring verts/edges/faces while extruding? Anyway we need explanation to put it in WIKI and maybe a check button to switch between normal straight method and this ORGANIC method.

Submitted here: