CTRL-SPACE not working on laptop....

on one of my laptops blender doesn’t give me the “manipulator menu” when I hit ctrl space…

this is on linux ubuntu jaunty 64 bit… nvidia geforce go 6150 (closed drivers from nvidia) on an HP tx 2150

strangely, this happens (or rather doesn’t work!) on any version of blender I’ve tried…
“ctrl” and left click gives me the lasso
spacebar gives me the big menu… so it’s not a keyboard laout thing (my first thought)

any ideas for solutions?


I had the same problem when i first installed Blender.

Only way I could get it to work was to disable/change the key combinations that my window manager uses (I am on Linux with gnome desktop).

As setup gnome conflicts with certain key combinations.

In gnome at least it is easy to change/disable the monitored key combos.

Not sure about doing it in windows though.

Thanks for that. IIt’s a bit strange though, I checked that I’d setuo stuff properly in

System–>Preferences–>Keyboard Shortcuts

and I don’t have anything assigned to “ctrl -space”

I remember that compiz overides some of that stuff (which is why I turned it off and set desktop effects to “none” like I do on all my computers but this one it seems wants itset to “normal” and it works!