"Ctrl+X" problem

Have a problem with " Ctrl+x",

It keeps on loading one of my blend file as I select erase all.

not sure what is going on here, any ideas?


blender stores a starting file that is opened when blender is started, or control+x is pressed (and confirmed).

This file is named .B.blend (or similar) and will be overwritten if you press control+u and confirm

I imagine you did that with one of your files open.

find .B.Blend (windows directory? it depends on your os where it is) and delete it.
when you restart blender the installed license key will be lost and whatever other changes you made to the default file. after installing the license key press control+u and confirm to save your defaults and your problem should not return unless you press control+u again later.

I see.

But I had a hard time to locate that file.

I am running Win2000.