Cub Critique

I am attaching some pics of a model called cub. I would like to improve my modeling skills so any feedback would be appreciated. I need to work on the anatomy in the legs. Otherwise I thought it was pretty decent but this is my first complete model. I’m sure there are a lot of things I could do better. Thanks for the help.


The feet look too large, and it needs texuring, but overall, you did a nice job with it… :slight_smile:

Its very very good for your first complete model so don’t get discouraged :smiley: you’re still learning :slight_smile: how about a wire frame so we can get a good look at that topology?

Thanks for the comments. I’ll get the wire frame posted soon. I know that the topology probably isn’t the best since I’ve got some anatomy issues. I’m working on a character now where I am focusing on the topology. When I get that one done I’ll post the wire frame with it. Any tips on having good topology?