cube faces dfifferent colors

This is probably VERY simple but i cannot see how to do it.
How do i put a different color for each side of the cube?
Then how do i put an avi movie on one side?
STOP THINK-is your answer really clear or just hastily filling up the overfilled forum?
Thank you

It’s not that obviously simple, but easy nonetheless. The principle is that one mesh can use several materials. With your object selected, look at the editbuttons. In the “Link and Materials” panel there are vertex group buttons. Go into editmode, select a face and click “assign”. Now that face has been assigned to group 1 of 1. Now, select the next face (only the one face) and click “new”, then “assign”. This face will now be assigned into group 2 of 2. Repeat this for all 6 faces of a cube. Now go into material buttons. In the “Material” panel you should see a button that, by now should say [< 6 Mat 6 >] Currently all 6 groups should share the same material. Click on the arrows in the button to switch between the groups. Now you can assign different materials to different groups. One of these materials can then have a “movie” texture.

That should be it. If you have the 2.3 manual, vertex groups and assigning materials is well covered there.