Cube House

This is a little project I started seeing some square houses. This is the latest render (minus the crapy grass), right now adding more and more detail is top priority.

So…what do you think? Any ideas for more details?

Click for larger image…

More windows and trim work, gutters, foundation brick, etc.

OK, here’s a mini-update…
Tried foundation bricks and gutters, none of them really fit into the image.

This project is going to take a while since I have to school and since I constantly get ideas for other project that I have to try out.

Click for larger image.

Those are some create windows but perhaps they could also in some places extend down to the first floor. Image that your sitting on a couch, do you want to be looking at 4 walls or looking out onto the country side. But having upper windows is great for letting even more light in too, so keep those! Though the drapes on the really high windows might be hard to close/open unless that is a loft area.