Cube or Sylinder

ok so i got in an argument with a bud here, and i need this solved.

is this more like a Cube, or a Cylinder? VERY IMPORANT!

A cube is a cylinder* so how picky do you want to be ?

*Settings of 4 vertices and a radius of the square root of its depth (settings when adding a cylinder in blender)

Mathematically speaking, it’s neither.

It’s a rounded cube.

yeah but if you had to categorise it as either, which one would it be?

six sided oval

It’s one of the superquadrics, and is basically an extruded squircle.

google says its a cylinder
it would appear to more cube like and less cylindrical
like an ice cube has rounded edges yet we call it a cube

Frankly, a better point-of-view might just be: nevermind(!) the theoretics!”

For the purposes of what(ever) you want do with this thing (“by deadline!!”), what answer best suits … “get 'er done?!”

There are no “absolute answers” in any such ‘debates.’ …

… In the end, “it all depends.” What works(!) best?

(Or, as the old-saw put it: “The Accountant whispered, ‘what do you need the answer to be?’”)