CubeGod's Sketchbook!

So yeah, I’ll post doodles, stuff that is too WIP to go in the WIP section and just test renders here, I will mix that in with *unrelated renders (hey now, I am a software developer and it technically relates to here as I mostly develop 3D software (games, tech demos and just experiments) and I make the 3D models in blender :stuck_out_tongue:

A multiplayer chess game I am making, written entirely in C++ with all graphics made in blender.
EXPERIMENTAL RENDER 1 (38% until playable prototype)

Cycles rendering issues!
Just some rendering issues with cycles, can’t figure out what causes these artifacts but someone here might know.
Oh and ignore the fluid, it’s the light on the plane that bothers me (the light is on the opposite side btw)
This was even more prominent with a curved plane that would get a black elipse of shadow in the middle of an area that is properly lit (in a concave corner)

Material test scene!
This is a test scene I created to test materials and light setups for my entry in the Ancient Civilization contest, completely unrelated to the actual entry except being a good testing scene for seeing how materials interact with each other in a controlled environment.
png too large for attachment, uploading to DeviantART

Scythe (image is a link to the full size version on my DA)

Sazami-chan (image is a link to full size image on DA)

Sazami is an interesting character based on my previous project, it is (not counting test projects or just for fun projects):
(a) The first project where I used poly hair (at all, not even in test projects have I tried this before), please do not that it is just a temporary hair because even bad hair looks better than no hair and I need her for a pre-alpha video we are shooting soon (which will show a few game mechanics and GUI and a few other things).
(b) The first character I bothered making decent clothes for.
© And she is my first anime character. (at all, not even in test projects have I tried this before)
(d) She is the first real project that requires animations from multiple points of view.

Please do note that this is pre-alpha quality graphics that will be improved for the final version.

Female Terrorist - DAT ASS

That one took me less than 20 minutes to make, it was mainly just me fooling around to pass time, decided to get some speedmodeling done while doing so :stuck_out_tongue:
It was intended to be a complete character but I spent too much time on a helmet I ultimately scrapped and didn’t have time to finish her, I failed my challenge but at least she has a nice ass :wink:

This one took me 3 hours, including retopo and concepting, I actually set my limit at four hours to concept, model and retopo it but I did it in three (hey what else does one do at 3am?)

And finally a handgun, this was a 30 minute concepting, modeling and retopo run, overall I’m satisfied with it on the basis that it was a quick 30 minute doodle :stuck_out_tongue: