CubesWar in edit


Hello :stuck_out_tongue:
The small game:

(matthewsjc1) #2

Awesome little game!!! It’s very fun!!! I think you are very talented at game content/creation once you get the mechanics of the game right (silent hill - mouse problem). Keep it up man!!!


(facemania) #3

Nice job, I like how the backround was except for the giant blue halo :-?
and your texturing on the tanks was great.

My only critz are, you didn’t post the controls, and the tank rotating was too slow.

It’s kinda boring after a while though because it’s the same thing over, and over, and over, press the fire button :frowning: Although great overall thanks for posting.


All: Very, very, very big thank!
I to like this hot comments.

(masta_p) #5

how do u open it as .rar