Cubistic World - Film

Hello Blenders! I was just dropping by to show you a quick picture I’ve made on a project I’m working on. It’s a film that is about a character called “Cueb”. He’s living in a post-modern almost futuristic world where everything is dull and black and white. He then discovers this other world filled with bright colours and life.

I’m going to start off with saying I’m quite new to Blender and 3D modeling. That’s partly why I chose to make a movie with only cubes and squares, but also to show that even though Blender is capable of doing crazy lots of cool stuff (I’ve seen a lot of really awesome stuff on this forum), you don’t need advanced or complex shapes to make an entertaining film.

I’m working on to getting it over at least 30min with a good script/story, sounds, music etc. Even though that picture may be a quite bad exemple of what I’m aiming for here (early prototype, outdated textures, simple scene etc.), I hope someone will like it anyways. :]



Mhm I don’t think the picture is a bad example at all… in fact I quite like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Will be interesting to see how your short film turns out

Looks good!

From the picture, it looks like it will be quite interesting; Good luck making it! (I’ve been using Blender for years and still haven’t made a short film)

It looks intriguing, and I will keep an eye out

Unless you’re an experienced movie making pro within other mediums, I’d suggest that you pretty much cut your length goal by 10.
30 minutes of entertaining animation is a huge, huge, huge project!

So I guess… I suggest that you write a tight, snappy and entertaining 3 minute script, and use it as a pilot project. Maybe as a pre-credits introduction to the characters and world. The really great compelling stuff that convinces the audience to give your bells-and-whistles-less style a fair chance.

But I’m certainly not a pro myself, just a relatively newbish 3d/animation student, so take those 2 cents for what they’re worth:)