CUDA 5.0 or CUDA 5.5 ?

Hi there,

does anybody know if CUDA 5.5 would bring any improvement or disadvantages?

I just freshly installed my system with Blender 2.6x and CUDA 5.0 but the CUDA software mentioned it is outdated.
However I remember Dingto stating something like 5.5 might be not as fast as 5.0 - but I could make this up not sure.

Dingto Confirmed - better to stay currently with Cuda 5.0.

Disagree, cuda 5.5 brings +30% GPU computing capabiity in cudaminer. It should therefore probably bring a distinct improvement in Cycles. But cycles in Blender 2.70a does not support cuda 5.5. Please please let the next version of Blender be cuda 5.5 compatible…

I had no idea that cuda 5.5 was not supported and I upgrated.
Does anyone know a workaround to make Cycles work with cuda on Linux? Or schould I just downgrade cuda?