CUDA Kernel issue with official 2.66 Build

Hi there

are the OS X official 2.66 builds not supporting CUDA? I cannot use CUDA and get a Kernel compilation error.

I read somewhere that some of the test builds only support CUDA and I got mine from

Any tip?

Same for me. Help.

From DingTo

You need the CUDA Toolkit 4.2 and XCode installed. See the bottom of this page:…/GPU_Rendering

On Mac OS X, no CUDA GPU is availableYou need to install Xcode, the CUDA toolkit 4.2 (exactly this version), and the CUDA driver (any recent version). Xcode can be installed from the App Store. After Xcode is installed you also need to install its command line tools. This is done by starting Xcode, going to the Preferences, and then under Downloads installing the command line tools.If it still doesn’t work, ensure that in the Energy Saver preferences, the automatic graphics switching is disabled and the fastest GPU is selected. Also ensure you do not have other CUDA toolkit versions installed.