CUDA out of Memory Error in Cycles


I have just completed in interior scene that I wish to render in Cycles however I continuously receive a “Cuda out of Memory” error and the render fails. This only happens when I have GPU Compute selected. I would render with my CPU, but it would take wayyyy too long. What is the problem? I have linked my .blend file and specs are below:

780 Ti Classified 3GB
i7 4790K
Windows 7 Pro
Blender 2.72

The render only uses just over 1GB of memory @ peak…


Really ?

You need a graphics card with more memory, use cpu rendering, simplify your scene or a combination off all.
Reduce the size of textures
If you have subsurf modifiers do you need them at the level being rendered
Split the scene down into multiple renders and composite together
etc etc

Weird, it showed me just over 1000M o_O. Thanks a lot for the advice though :cool:

For faster CPU render set the tile size to lower value(something like X:64 Y:64 or X:32 Y:32). Also decrese the number of samples and play with clamp values.

Does splitting complex scenes into render layers make any difference in memory usage versus just rendering the entire thing at once?

I had some similar issues with Cycles and CUDA. I have a scene with custom shaders, some of them are using the SSS shader, which only works with experimental feature. When I try to check at the viewport, I get this:

I’m working on a Core i7 with 8Gb RAM and Windows 7. My graphic card is a GTX 750. If I switch back to “supported” feature, the scene renders ok, but without the SSS shader.

Any tips or advices to get this working with SSS?