CUDA Problems: Auto-run disabled: Driver'-100*power'

I just got a new GTX750 Ti graphics card and reinstalled the newest Nvidia drivers on my Win 7 64bit machine. However, I cannot render with GPU compute. I get an error: Auto-run disabled: Driver’-100*power’. I have no clue how to start fixing this. Where would I start troubleshooting this? I can render with CUDA on the CPU, just not the graphics card.

This attachment shows the console output.


Hi, GTX 750 is not supported officially from Blender, you need a special Cuda kernel for it.
Download kernel >
Copy it to your /2.70/scripts/addons/cycles/lib folder, where the other kernels are, kernel_sm_35.cubin for example.

Cheers, mib.

Mike Pan BMW

EVGA Geforce 750Ti FTW Cuda: 01:07.39

:cool: Thanks!

I had seen some 750 Ti benchmarks, so I had assumed that it was supported. I’m glad it was so quick to fix.