Culling/3rd person character set up

started making this for the christmas game contest. in the end, couldn’t be bothered…

there are some good technologies in this so disect the file to find them. I give a brief explaination of how the culling works in another thread.

for 2.25


I am not at home right now, but I will download it as soon as I get home!

Nice demo, espcially the character. Anyways, the culling looks ok for me, and very usefull. :smiley:

Very nice demo… :smiley: everything looks OK!

yeah its true… everything looks OK.

the lense flare is doc holidays… unfortunatly it slows the scene down quite a lot.

Is it a VERY poor culling set up. it is DESIGNED to show how it works , rather than cover up the level loading/deleteing. But i assure you this is a good way to do it. The script is very low cost and the size of a given level does not slow it down. not at all.

The cam set up is 99% - the best any cam can be set up in blender.
The character is pretty good as he only has a textured face.
The horse is my best modelling.
The animation is good but the recent slow down makes it stutter too often :-(.


Nice abracsis. Is this about a year old? :wink: I can’t complain I still haven’t shown off my tech. THis is definately the BEST way to do this kind of thing for most games. I encourage anyone making a game to seriously consider using this, for the benefit of the framerate of the rest of us!

Hey really nice horse too. I made a horse once that was an example of MY best modelling. Your horse proves that its a good thing I’m a coder and not a modeller:)

Great work, Piran. But I found Saint_Pill´s script easier to setup. One just has to hook up one logic brick to each object to be culled, with no extra settings as far as position information. I´m really interested into getting a culling script or Blender´s native culling (as seen in current CVS) working with my game.

I think it’s worth pointing out that my system was designed specifically for my game which requires large landscapes (or would if i actually had the time to work on it %| ), therefore, for most games using enclosed areas and the like my method doesn’t really help…

Just bear in mind my method’s designed for landscapes and choose one that works best for your type of game, not the one thats easiest to set up…



:o i… i… can’t say a word… This scene is just…AMAZING. The mouse movement rocks! The game button is clear; The modeling all the setup…
Man, i really need to study more! lol

:expressionless: .


(I don’t know about the jump, i think it crashes in my computer).

I didn´t mean to sound lazy, it´s just that my game (a huge landscape) would have many pieces to setup so I would choose a less error prone method at first. But I will take a further look at the workings of your script to see if it fits my project. Thanks for sharing!

Yeah this method isn’t so good with landscapes. Saint-pills script only handles the rendering also, so it’s decent for landscapes, but the bigger it gets, the slower it gets. But this method is pretty good for most level layouts, as you can control exactly how much you want rendered. My bigworld script is somewhat constricting as each “piece” of landscape has to be the same size. Doogs can tell you how hard it is to work with :wink:


I don’t know about the “culling thing”, but the camera movements are GREAT
Very “pro”. Nice work.

Thank’s for sharing.

Yep, indeed nice technic, but did you guys used the new tupohuu test build? it should have culling now in the game engine. :smiley: Anyways, Saluk, can you tell us more about the bigworld script you use, or how it works, I’m really intrested in it. And is there a way to make oure own bigworld script? because I want to work on some huge worlds in my adventure game I was planning a several months ago, it would be nice to have a big world script too 8)

actually the new frustrum culling is in development in bf-blender cvs :slight_smile: its comming out good too.

I can’t release it very easily, so I haven’t.

Simplified, it records object positions into a databse with a set-up script, dividing the scene up into a grid of zones. In game, it loads all objects in the players current zone and surrounding ones, and readjusts when the player crosses a boundary.

In practice it’s a bit more complicated than that. It isn’t terribly complicated though and if you work at it you could probably come up with something similar.

about culling and all that, we could make a script like in half life 2, all the faces that is in the camera view will be visible and all that isent , will be invisible :slight_smile: , i have no aidea how to do that lol :wink:

Salu, isn’t there a way to make a simple landschape (like a plane with cubes on it) and show the techinc in realtime. :smiley: Would be great, like saint_pill did his test file with his culling script. 8)

nor.j that is what frustrum culling is. read that intro.

saluk i thought the culling was already in bf-blender cvs i saw it in some change logs and newer builds… i even tested it. :confused: or is this someone else’s culling that is in bf-blender currenty?

Yeah kester is working on it. I haven’t seen it work though.

Ohhhhh… thought i saw his name near it… :\ im not sure if its working. but i have cubes lined up in a row and the camera walks from one cube to the end cube. and i see the cubes appear out of nowhere… so apperently its working. i guess but not done :\