CULTURESPORT: Rotterdam 1995 Premiere


First episode of series modeled, animated, shaded, rendered all in Blender.

CULTURESPORT S00E00 : ROTTERDAM 1995 : The seas are rising. A reclusive engineer has come to town, promising to invent a new system of dikes and dams, using a computer that harnesses the power of dreams. A pair of twins are selected for the study—gabber kids from the local hardcore scene. But as they get sucked deeper into a digital dream world, they realize the inventor’s true goal isn’t to protect Rotterdam at all. Developed in relative secrecy over the past five years,

CULTURESPORT is an animated science fiction web series set inside a sprawling fictional universe—the result of intensive and ongoing collaboration between artists, designers, musicians, actors, dancers, brands, and CULTURESPORT’s in-house creative team.


Here’s a link to an interview with creator and founder of CULTURESPORT, where he discusses teaching himself 3D with blender and this risks and rewards of starting an independent animation studio.

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Wow! This is amazing!

umm… wow! Excellent graphics, I really dig the lighting! Music was weird trippy and psychedelic… totally cool and fit the theme… which was weird, trippy and psychedelic. Watched the whole thing, I liked it.

Why did you not put the kickstarter link here?

Awesome project by the way.