Cup of Coffee

I finished this one this afternoon and thought I would post here. It is my first render using cycles.

CC are welcome always.

Any suggestions on how to improve on this for the next render

that spoon looks really short, is that on porpose?
Very good materials and modeling apart from that, glossy should be sharper on the spoon.
Looks very promising!
Try and improve composition and lighting. If this is a finished project then try to make the image tell something. Think of it as a painting. You can have much stronger focus point if your objet is not in the center (look up photography composition rules).
But then again, great job modeling and texturing, congrats!

elbriga thx for the tip. I didn’t realize how short that spoon is. I will fix that and I was planning to add a donut to it which I have to complete yet and I will look up that composition on photography.

great job.

Thanks marcus. Here is an update with fixing the comp and lighting.

This look’s really nice! Yum! :stuck_out_tongue: :yes:

Great work!
Keep it up!

Oh, and also, on the sprinkles on the doughnuts, you might want to turn up the randomness of the rotation on the particle settings? It makes it look much better them! :slight_smile:

bonnw1 thanks for the tip.