Cup of tea with Alphonse

Hi Guys…I’m Come Back ^___^
This is a simple image…born how Hdri and nodes study …

I Hope You like it…^___^



Good lord the glow really compliments the image! I really like it, great work!!

Yes very nice! I really like the HDRI reflections! Great work!

I think it is nice too.

That is looovely! The cup and the lemon(?) just matches so well with every element in the image. Love it! :slight_smile:


thanks Guys :smiley:


Good job!! Choosing a grayscale palette was the best you could do! I really like the image!

The subject matter is quaint and peaceful and the render is realistic and nice to look at. Great work. :smiley:

I like the feel! the cup is too clan I think but very cool render.
4 stars. :yes:

nice. too 4 stars :slight_smile:

Guys…Thanks sooooooo much!!!very very much!! I’m :spin:



Great rendering. Love the composition and the slight bloom.And last but not least the picture of Mucha fits very well in there!

very nice… simple and effective. good work with the lemon too.
makes me want to get a cup of tea.

so, where is alphonse? :slight_smile:


grayscale palette

iol…I’ve made this Effect with map value node…and a rgb curves node …:wink:

so, where is alphonse?

well…I don’t know…:wink:


Nice and clean! Bravo! …And i love this Mucha picture you refered to!

:eyebrowlift2:I really want to see the details of your value node~~~mind share?

I really want to see the details of your value node~~~mind share?

NO!!! It’s a Secret!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


Sure…Check It Out:


Thx man~! so nice of you:P
Great work~!

Well, it should be Alfons :slight_smile:

The only thing I see that I would “tweak” about this image is that the white surface in the lower-left corner is featureless-white, and therefore feels like “over-exposure.” In a greyscale image, nothing of any size should be 100%-white. By comparison, the slightly-darker area just behind the tray looks fine.

If I were setting this up as a studio photograph, I would probably have put some kind of colored gel over the light that was illuminating that tray, or maybe tilted it very slightly just to cool it off a little bit. “Fox-fox-fox white” is okay for a specular highlight, as in the rim of the cup, but it shouldn’t be a large area.

It might be interesting to work a little bit with the “curves” tool in Photoshop, and then do the same thing in the render, just to bring the tonal-range in a wee bit.