Cup of Tea

It’s just a cup of tea. I’ve worked on this for a couple of hours and I need some feedback; what should I do to make the tea look more realistic? And how do I make the shadows look soft? Any other CC is very welcome too. :slight_smile:

This is how it looks without “the tea”

By the way, what does ‘WIP’ mean?

Nice cup!


  1. Get some surroundings so there is something to reflect
  2. Put some ray mirror on the tea
  3. increase the transparency on the tea, and use ray transp on the tea setting refraction of water, the spoon will have a different angle in the tea as on the outside
  4. Add a particle system with white halo material to simulate vapour
  5. Add a meniscus to the surface: a fluid surface is usually not completely flat but sticks to the sides of its container, getting a hollow or a bulged ‘rim’:
|                       |
|                       |
|                       |

  1. for finishing touches you might add some transparent ‘bubbles’ on the sides of the surface

oh, and WIP? Look at the title of this forum!


Now I guess I’ll have one.

looking good
To get soft shadows, set up these:

2.samples 10
3.soft 13
4. Set clip end and clip start
so that within in those distances
are the tabletop and the cup.

Thanks for the tips both of you! Before I do any more detail on the cup I think I’ll go ahead and make some surroundings as enkie said, and I’ll come back with an update.