Hello everyone!I done my work. Here is it-cupcakes. That is my second big work and I am waiting for feedback from you guys! :wink:

EDIT:// Sorry, but i decide to edit some stuff in my image. Yes, it looks probably not good from admins. I want to edit and load here my newest image soon.

EDIT2://There is. I change object of focus in third image and reunwrap mesh of paper (know looks better for me). :wink:

Great work! what renderer did you use? it looks like cycles but the smoke makes me unsure

It is a decent composition. Your pallette needs work. It doesn’t seen that the colors mix well. The green and yellow icing looks unatural. Also look at the thickness of the “Meat” between the icing and the paper cup. You should not be seeing that much dough. From a bakers standpoint the dough does not rise that much. In fact it sould be barely visible.
In addition you need the bring the cup closer into veiw so you can appreciate the steam. Bring the camera out a wee bit to captue more of the cupcakpes.

Its a pretty good start, it just needs refined.

I think they look tasty! Great render btw! One question: is it an image texture on the dough?

Looks great! Can we see a wire?

looks good,i like the last composition

This is great, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Looking good! How was made the smoke?

Yummy! Nice render

Ok, improved work has been added ;). Now I can answer for your questions.
On start, thanks a lot for feedback a lot.
@moby1kenobi All work is rendered in cycles. This smoke is a just alpha texture. I tried create smoke “coffe like” in blender but for me it is impossible.
@ds3d This cupcackes are special just :D. Rest of work satisfy me. :wink:
@PipTogo No problem! It is created in PS by stamp mostly. :smiley:

On model is also bump(displacement in cycles) of rock (yes… ;P). Soon i will upload more images.
@jackblack Of course but give me some time. :slight_smile:
@miki1190 Just alpha texture. :wink:

Very nice They are so close and yet I cannot eat them Yummy :slight_smile:

Hello again. This is good reason now to close this thread and start to be more active on this website. Here, there are a wires of cupcaces. Cheers!