Curious George

I have been working on this for a gift for someone. The helmet is special because it is this someone’s firefighter helmet. He also likes Curious George since he was a kid so I thought I would combine them! Plus he has been collecting Curious George figurines quite a while. Please I would love to make this piece even better with critiques.

Adoring expression on this one, love it. Maybe some irregularities in the fur, like color, length and roughness variations?

I like it, quite cute. I’d change the background color so that the monkey is contrasted, and some thicker fur would help.

Here is the update. Thank you very much! I changed a little bit of the color variation with a noise and also made it a little more glossy. I think I may want to go with a smaller noise pattern. I also thickened the fur a little and changed the background. I went with orange that stays in the range of the yellow and red. There was some issues with lighting and getting the right background color. I mixed an AO shader and diffuse for the ground plane. I wonder if I should go with an even thicker fur. Would have gotten this done yesterday if the fur would have cooperated with me lol.

Awesome! I loved Curious George.

A fur/hair update. Thickened the root a little more, added a finer noise to add color variation, and increased the gloss of the fur. May need to tone the gloss just a little but it is really starting to come together. Thank you Photox and Proud for the critiques!