Curious... How many of you ever think about an improved outliner?

You know, like the rudimentary feature of being able to drag and drop as well as simply moving items around… :yes:

Or, oh, I don’t know… maybe a materials view should be added to the list of filters. :wink:

Oh I got an idea! Lets make it so there aren’t 3 different ways to delete an “object” that are completely different from every program ever! Blender tends to suffer from this issue in a few areas, just a pain really. Devs need to seriously consider cleaning up shortcuts, NOT CHANGING THEM!!! Just removing stupid redundancies and making a few more logical. :spin:

Shoot, maybe a really simple feature that lets you change the text color of an object in the outliner via simple right click menu, for neat ‘n’ sweet organization, to go with the dragging of coarse! :cool:

These are uber simple changes I doubt the programmers will have any issues implementing. It could be in by the next release if we got someone to care.

While I’m here…

Can we PLEASE get a file browser that does NOT take the entire screen!? :mad:
I’d prefer your standard windows browser, so long as it has file path input. The blender one if FINE, I’m not saying that it’s the problem. it being FULL SCREEN is the problem.
Also, where is my search function -_- seriously… anyone know?
Someone add an option to window that @#$% please! :RocknRoll:
This would also be easy to implement within the next release.

We have plenty of UI discussion threads. Please use those to continue discussing this topic. Also, the meme images aren’t particularly helpful and are borderline trolling.

Closing this thread.