Curious - [warning - Abstract Picture]

i dont get it, what is it?

Looks like a paper plate to me…

I like it.

Nice work.


A bit simple for my tastes…

“Just because nobody understands you doesn’t make you an artist”…ok, nobody gets it, but it looks cool.


I am not sure if I’m getting it. But did you make it intentionally so that people would not get it and be “curious” about it? That’s why it’s called curious? If yes, then great idea… if no… then I completely don’t get it, lol
Nevertheless, good job.


i dont get it, what is it?


if you move your head from side to side (move, not twist) it looks like a 3d cone popping out of your screen. could just be me though :-?

lol. What great comments. Thanks folks.

errr. problem with abstract pictures is that words are usually redundant - and its far more interesting to hear people’s reactions rather than try to impose what I thought I meant to achieve. However… here’s a few thoughts:

For me it has a lunar feel or possibly stone. I love the simplicity of the shape and the way the light affects the surface - speckled and then blotchy.

“Curious” - because it was a result of my curiosity with using Blender. Begin at point A, move, colour, reshape, duplicate, shade, animate… until I get to something I like

Is it art? Is it worth sharing in the Finished Projects? I don’t know. Do we always need to understand what we see? etc etc.

Anyway, enough words. Thought I’d share a slightly different render…

hmmmm it kinda looks like a pill and someone is curiouse of the after effects? but then again… it does look like a paper plate :smiley:

I think it would be more interesting if it had several of those rings around the sphere, all along the diameter but at different angles. Maybe.

good idea Rhysy… and I thought I’d finally managed to do a Finished Project!!!

and mark67256, the paper plate theory seems very popular. Is it a paper plate, a pill or a lunar pie? maybe this close up will help…

It’s a wireframe of a paper plate!

Make a new render with a more dramatic camera angle. This is boring. Keep at it.

I like the first one, but it could have some more details I think. Try making some more stuff in background with same style, and put on a bigger render. :wink:

Thanks for comments Ade. I moved this into Works In Progress, cause I’m still messing aroung with it - camera angles and such like. If you want to check it out its here: