Curly hair

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I am trying ( and failing) to make curly hair for one of my characters. I’m using makehuman for my models but the particle engine is not giving me the results I’m looking for. any help would be much appreciated. this is the basic look I’m going for with the hair.

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You did not show us what you had achieved
I used ‘quick fur’ and then played with the settings for a few minutes to get this result
Hopefully you can see the hair settings

Best of luck


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PS. I have not done any ‘hair dressing’ at all!
So there is a lot that could be done using the tools for then combing, cutting and styling the hair

(Kyln87) #4

Thanks for this kind help Martin. I also want beautiful hairs like this but not sure which curling iron can help me best. Please help me with your suggestions, if it is possible for you.

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I usually use the default curling iron from the drop down on the left

(WriterFighter) #6

Which plug-in is that? I don’t have the curling iron. Is that one of the nightly builds?

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but thanks for the help, i’ll see if these tips get the results i’m looking for.

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Your best bet is probably to use a very small number of parent hairs - and consider placing them by hand, it’s horrendously tedious but the best wait to get a decent look - one parent hair for each lock or “curl” then using the “simple” children method, and use the “curl” options to get the curls looking right. If you go into particle edit, you can individually place hairs, and control their shape as necessary. Sadly, it’ll probably involve a bunch of doing stuff by hand.

The following took about 10 minutes to knock togehter:

Particle system set up with 100 hairs, then went into particle edit and cut off the “face”, and made the hairs on top a bit floppy with the comb set to a large size and low effect.

Crucial points are setting the spline steps high enough - you need to set this under both “render” and “display” - and, incidentally, under the “draw” setting in the particle edit mode, otherwise you’ll get horrible jagged edges, and your preview for the curls will absolutely suck.

To make the curls, use “simple” (interpolated is a too “random”, you lose the definition of your curls). Under “kink” set to “curl” - I used an amplitude of 0.1 and a frequency of 20 - that means twenty turns over the length of a hair. Depending on the look you want, you can use more or fewer turns, but if the frequency is lower you want the amplitude a bit bigger too, otherwise it looks kind of wrong. Then the main settings you want to play with is roughness, to make it look a little bit more “frizzy” and less generated, and it’s really a case of playing around until you get what you want.

After that, it’s just a case of getting your materials set up properly. The following has a simple fresnel-based diffuse/glossy setup, and is lit with a HDR image to get the reflections looking realistic. To match the photo, you’d need to get creative with your translucent/transparent nodes.


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Is it correct that the parent hairs never will curl?

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Here is my version!

First Try :slight_smile:

Second Try
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