Current Project working out some things W.I.P

This is not the only thing that I have ever done, just the first thing to post here…
Used a base Daz 2.81 Figure added some basic body morphs, as well as some for the face…then imported into Blender 2.92.
Added in Blender some clothing as well as the head-dress…a bit of sculpting here and there on the face and body and also on the cloth.
Created all the textures with projection painting in Blender.
I had planned to add a landscape which I have started but even this character is starting to bog down everything, so will see if just compositing will work.
Using EeVee Render.

[ Not happy as yet with the Cloth Texture, but have some ideas]
Comments Wellcome!

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I worked a little more yesterday after seeing the image posted…
Not happy with the nose and chin clefts…so smoothed out the harsh lines…
Re-modeled the headrest as it just wasn’t right for this hair ( I really didn’t want to re-do the hair…but the headdress needed a hair shape that was pulled back and flat )

I also am in the process of adding in a landscape…

And next, I will start adding some sparse dry vegetation, and more than likely change the camera aspect to a horizontal…wide screen?

I think the main problem is I have no real concept fermly in mind so not sure what direction I will be going…ah well !

She’s a very solid, immediately compelling character – a bit of a “Brittania” feel about her. She exudes power and authority. The catch-light in her left eye (and, not in her right eye) really “sells” the shot. Since it’s the brightest point in the picture, it takes your eye straight to “look her in the eye.” Nice use of costume jewelry.

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