Current state of alternatives to Marvelous Designer?

I’ve been considering getting Marvelous Designer to explore modeling clothing for characters and I want to know what are the current state of alternatives to Marvelous Designer (and I guess Blender’s Cloth Physics?) before pulling the trigger. It kinda sucks that the Modeling Cloth add-on that I was betting not has not been updated after my last purchase.

I know that Marvelous Designer is the best option but I want to know from people who’s have a lot of experience with these kind of things. I’m just an individual so the Marvelous Designer’s steep price is quite intimidating for me and want to know if the current alternatives are something that’s enough to suit my needs.

may want to keep in mind MD just nuked the perpetual license option.
“Marvelous Designer will stop selling perpetual licenses of all types of products with the release of version 10, in order to provide the best support and software version management.
The version upgrade discount for the existing perpetual licenses will be maintained.
If you have a perpetual license, you will be eligible for upgrading version up to Marvelous Designer 12, with the same price based on the current 3-versions-back upgrade policy.”

Wow WTF. I was thinking of getting MD once 10 arrived. Geez, I was also thinking of getting it on Steam when it’s on sale but I guess it might be too late for that. I guess alternatives might be a better choice.

Yeah I think it was a bait and switch. With version 9 they allowed a perpetual license, got a lot of people to buy it and then a year later they go to subscription. Also even on perpetual you have to log into their license server. So the question is even if you have a V9 perpetual license will you be allowed to log in if your not on the subscription plan?
But yeah there are alternative they are just a bit more work.

Have you seen Garment Tool addon ?
Disclaimer I haven’t used it, just had few vids with it recommended to me on youtube.
Though since it’s 3rd party addon there is also potential issue with support.

You might be right to doubt the undetermined future of support when it comes to MD. I remember about the badly vague Terms and Conditions when it came to commercial use for the Steam version, it was the main reason why I held off in making a purchase and made me suspicious of it.

Just checked it out and I’m glad that’s it’s still being updated. The main reason I chose the Modeling Cloth over it is because Modeling Cloth is faster while Garment Tool is limited by Blender’s Cloth physics. Additionally, Modeling Cloth is very interactive and free but it’s currently being rewritten which might take quite a while for now.
I might get Garment Tool for now.

The one thing MD does that I’m not sure other solutions have is settings for the type of cloth Silk, Wool, Cotton, Denim etc. Also settings for puffiness or fill. Something to keep an eye out for when looking at other software.

Does it have some kind of feature that is as IMPORTANT on the level where Substance Painter preserves strokes on UVs changes? I didn’t go to deep on MD’s features the last time I tried it. If it’s just a bunch of preset settings or things you can do with Blender (even if it’s not as convenient) that I’m missing out then it’s not a problem to me. Blender’s cloth brush is pretty helpful too.

I guess you could try Houdini Vellum but you’re limited to non-commercial work with the “apprentice” licensing. Then again who’s gonna know what you use for your cloth stuff. The part I’m unsure about is whether or not they let you export alembics of simulations.

I wrote a mesh cache exporter for Houdini to Blender a while ago when Blender didn`t have Alembic. It worked decently and was very fast and it used a python output node in Houdini.
I wasn’t sure if this was legal to use with Apprentice but another Blender user asked on the Houdini Forums and they said that it was legal to export. I can not find the thread on the sidefx forums anymore, though, so it would probably be best to ask again.

Here is the link to the BA thread of the importer/exporter. I think it only works for 2.79 but once it is in 2.79 it can be alembict or mesh cached to 2.80.

Ok I just saw the release video for Zbrush 2021. They put in a cloth simulator and cloth brushes that are worth taking a look at. While it still has a bit of a learning curve it doesn’t have a subscription price to it.

Go to the 39:00 minute mark to see clothing modeling with the new features

Hello! Is this thread still relevant? Anyway, I realize MD’s move to make their license subscription-based is really not gonna work for me anymore and I have been using it for years now. So I have been looking for alternatives and that brought me here. So far it seems blender is the next best thing with addons but there are so many different addons focusing on a smaller aspect of MD workflow. So I’m here thinking "wouldn’t it be an awesome idea to have all these addons functionality into just one complete “blender Designer”? Anyway, this might be crazy but I believe at its core blender has everything and even more to deliver a workflow up to per with MD… Hence I will be making my own addon to do just that!

Right now I’m making a list of blender cloth addons and studying their functionalities. So I’ll appreciate if anyone can suggest me more cloth based addons I can research


Definitely don’t know if this is still in progress but the ones I’ve seen referenced many places are

Cloth Weaver

Modeling Cloth

Simply Cloth

Molecular Script

Some of them are maintained and have been updated all the way up through Blender 3.0, others have pages that show their update is either in progress or hasn’t been addressed (yet)

Maybe this is worth having a look at too, as soon as it will be compatible with Blender 3.x:


It’s compatible with 3.x


IMO the sewing functions in the Blender cloth settings are quite good, and can make clothes very quickly.