Cursed - a short Animation

I feel like the Youtube video turned out a bit muddy and has some artifacts, especially in fullscreen. So feel free to watch on Artstation or Instagram on a smaller display

Hey everyone!

I finally finished an animation again. Took about 3 weeks, also the project grew a lot. Initially I just wanted to make some cinematic shots and practice editing in Davinci Resolve, also do the sound design. But I kept adding scenes and had new ideas so it kept growing :slight_smile:

Had some problems along the way as well. I bounced between 3.0 and 3.1 since there were new Geometry Nodes in 3.1 I used for the surface building effect, but some plugins only work in 3.0 which made everything a bit more complicated.

The fracture effect at the end was made with RBDlab, but everyone who has ever worked with rigid body / cell fracture / physics knows, that sometimes something acts weird for no reason, so it was a lot of trial and error to get that effect done.

Huge credit to MaxEdge ( he makes excellent videos on geometry nodes, also on the surface building effect I used.

Here is the displacement setup I used, also driven by an empty, so I have more control

The Davinci Resolve project

I really want to record the whole process of making something like this next time, so I can make a proper breakdown or timelapse and give more insight.

Hope you enjoy!

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cool :slight_smile: thx for the MaxEdge link

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You’re welcome! He makes awesome tutorials!

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Awesome work!

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Thanks a lot !

Incredible work. The timing and sound are so well done.

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Thanks so much!