Cursor and object away from eachother

I dunno, take a look at the image below.
I have a object selected, the cursor is far away though, so when I scale the gap just gets bigger, and when I want to move it, I need to find the cursor first and then move over to the other side of the project to view the object while balancing my cursor somehow in the one corner of my screen. I know its prolly a shortcut or something that I pressed, but how can I fix it?

With the same setting as shown (that is, in Object mode, with the correct object selected), go to the Editing pannel and click on “Center New” (it’s in the Mesh tab)

It will bring back the cursor point of your object in the middle of the object.
(Note that you can’t move that point in Edit mode. So the reason why that point is so far from your object is probably that you moved the whole object in edit mode, but the point stayed at the same place)

The cursor is at the center of the mesh. If you moved your mesh in edit mode it leaves the center in the original center of the mesh. The only way to fix it that I can think of is to go into edit mode, select everything and move it to the center. Now move the mesh in object mode to where you want it.
Hope I helped,
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