cursor color

Is there any way to change the color of the cursor? I’m having a hell of a time seeing it.


If you’re talking about the 3D Cursor then no, but you can change the color of the background to get contrast.

If you’re talking about the Mouse Cursor in edit mode then, if your OS or Mouse supports it it’ll be in the Control Panel under Pointers in the Mouse panel.


I’m talking about the cross hairs. How do you change the background color?


you can’t… at least not directly

go into the mouse properties in the control panel, go to the pointers tab, select the “precision select” cursor, and choose cross_i.cur or cross_r.cur [they should be solid colors and more visible than the default one]

personally I just went with the Windows Black pointer theme which had the same effect

How do you change the background color?

Open a New, empty blend. Slide your mouse cursor up to the top header till it changes to a double arrow, then left-drag it down to open the User Prefs window. Goto “Themes” and hit “Add New”. Second stack of buttons, middle one, select ‘3D Window’ and from the button below it select ‘Background’. LeftClick on the color panel to the right of the buttons and set up a color that works. When you’re happy give your new Theme a name, close the window and Ctrl-U to save it as the default .blend.

Don’t do this on a .blend with a project in it or you’ll open that project every time you open Blender!