curve API change?

circ = bpy.ops.object.curve_add(type=‘NURBS_CIRCLE’)

this is in old script for 2.5 for curve adding and is not working anymore

anybody knows what has been changed in API so it can work again

Thanks for any help


Work in 31587

it seems that this command does not exist anymore in wiki BPY.OPS

that’s the error given

and i’m not adding a bezier curve
i have a list of points which have to be use to create a curve like let say a profile for another curve

now this script was working 2 months ago but now it’s not!

i can upload the whole little script if needed but if this command does not exist so not very usefull!


ricky, the cloud gen script or the curve scripts torus knot/curves galore are up to date with the current api.
maybe you could look at them?

torus !

is using!

i can try to redo it with this new way of adding curves
it’s another way to do this agreed

but there was less than 2 months ago a command for BPY.OPS

circ = bpy.ops.object.curve_add(type=‘NURBS_CIRCLE’)

which seems to have disappeared from the API!
i search the wiki for this command and it’s not there anymore!

so there must be something replacing this
hopefully a thread or other site giving how to replace this old command!

cause i want to add a poly curve not a spline or a bezier curve using a list of points XYZ to a curve which was possible 2 months ago if possible with BPY.OPS

so i’m surprise that a whole command has been deleted from API
cause it was working fine then


Add Curve: Curveaceous Galore!

sems to have the data to make a new poly curve
so i’ll study that one and try to make a new poly curve with that example

but would still be nice to know how to do this with BPY.OPS!