Curve (arcade racing game)

Hi all!

I have been learning Blender for some time now and experimenting with tons of tutorials for about a year or so. As a fan of the old Need For Speed games I am trying to create something with a similar feeling. Anyway, development is still in a very early stage, but rest assured that I have more content(trees, roadsigns, buildings, etc) than what I am showing right now. Working sandbox is slowly but surely coming together (python is a dark territory for me). As more of a modeller type of person, python programming is mostly reverse-engineered. Logic bricks I can do. ‘Curve’ uses improved vehicle wrapper system and will be multitexture (GLSL support will be decided later, much later). Vehicles will be around 2000-3000 polys and about 20000 is planned per racetrack. After completing a working demo with one racetrack and four cars, the number of cars and locations for the final product will be decided. Keeping in mind that I work alone and mostly at weekends I have to keep it realistic and as doable as possible. :slight_smile:


nice cars man will it be glsl?

nice game dude,the smokes outta the wheel looks kool :smiley:
i will be looking forward when more updates are available!
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Wow looks awesome! and x2 on the smoke!

really nice

Update and screenshots!
(to make sure that nobody thinks this thread is dead or something :D)

Trackblock system is almost done (constructing new test tracks is going to be very easy).
Lap counting and lap times have been implemented.
Rev counting and gear change system has been improved and redone.
Lots and lots of smaller bugs have been fixed.
As soon as I have enough to show, some ingame videos also come. So, until then, patience-patience… :slight_smile:


Looking good! Does the car drift?

Since it is mostly based on ‘vehicle setup’, drifting capabilities are a bit limited. It took a lot of time and tweaking to make the car drift in a controlled manner. Tire frictions had to be made more dynamic etc. But yes, it drifts. :yes:

Yay :smiley:
Can’t wait to play demo :smiley:

When I was 11 I was playing “Test Drive 2”. I spent a lot of time enjoying F40, Countach, 959 and Ruf …
I see you have the similar favourite cars!

Now I’m constructing my game.
I see a lot of similarities of our projects. :slight_smile:

About GLSL and Multitexture.
In 2009 I released 1st version of my game. It has not GLSL. I’d got a lot of rough critics for graphics.
This time I considered that good vehicle behaviour and interesting car models are enough… But no!
The interest to my game was disappearingly low. So I turned off my project and started to make new game using GLSL.

GLSL is not so hard to make but it requires much more computer performance.

Good luck with your game. Racing BGE projects are very interesting for me. I’ll follow your news and may be can help with something like scripts…

With respect to you, an to your car choice