Curve Bevel Geometry issue in angle

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This is an old problem, and I never figured out how to solve it. Everytime I give some beveled geometry to a curve, the radius of that geometry is smaller in the corners or othe angles. Anybody knows why this happens, and how to make the radius along the curve be the same?

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You can use the shear tool if this is what you’re looking for…

That central loop, when you use the Shear tool, becomes an oblong shape, it stretches the circle to accommodate being used on 2 axis (x and z). The circles on the ends of the pipe only use 1 axis each. I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

You converted the curve to mesh, though.
Whereas from my understanding @leandrooliveira is asking how to fix the taper effect he got in the curve.

I always have the same issue and as far as I know I think it’s a bug that has never been fixed.

It’s because your curve is 3D. Set it to 2D and you wont have this problem.
If you absolutely need it 3D, you can play with Alt+S on the corner point to change the diameter, but it won’t be fully accurate. I know i fixed it in some way but i don’t remember how

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It has been this way since 2.49 days - its just a limitation of the 3D curve when using sharp angles. As @Darknoodles Said - use 2D instead.

I was almost sure I read some bug reports once about this though… but anyway, if that’s the way it works in Blender then I think I could submit a request?

This is what I get in C4D

Thank you, guys!

In fact, it would be great if bevel could have the same behaviour in 3D mode. 2D doesn´t offer the solution for my needs. I hope someday it could be improved.

Thanks for all of you, again.