Curve circle shaped like a U when toggling cyclic

Hi guys, I’ve searched for this but couldn’t find an answer. Following Jonathan Williamson’s gyrocopter tutorial a part comes when he toggles Cyclic on a curve circle. All the control points maintain their rotation so despite no longer being connected the curve maintains its circular shape:

When I do it though, the two now disconnected points get rotated and the circle becomes more of a U:

I’ve played around with settings, especially in the Active Spline section, but couldn’t fix this. Any ideas?

I’m using official 2.57b, but Jonathan was using a previous version at the time of recording. Did it get broken meanwhile? Being a circle, open or closed, I think the expected behavior should be the one Jonathan gets. Let me know what you guys think.

Not sure but if the handle type is set to Free this may help.

Thank you Richard, I re-enabled Cyclic, set the handle types to Free and then disabled Cyclic again and the circle maintained its shape.

Still wondering if this is the expected behavior though, I’ll wait and see if someone comments and if not I’ll file in a bug report. They can always reject it :slight_smile:

Edit: Just tested with a recent build in Graphicall (r37295), same behavior.

I guess it is the expected behavior:

Bastien Montagne
Well, it seems to me a normal behavior, as control points have by default an “auto” handle type…
Just switch them to e.g. “aligned” before toggling cyclic, and you’ll get your “C” shape :wink:

Campbell Barton
rejected, closing.


Closing here too!

PS: Nice new avatar, Richard!

@Fax: thanks for your post. For me It was also strange behavior. So it’s great to know it works with free handles :slight_smile:

I have bigger problem with another thing. When you extrude new “anchor point” (not sure about right naming) by Ctrl+LMB you can’t by dragging control the handles (like Illustrator has). That is totally time consuming and uncomfortable to work with Curves.
It looks like simple function that helps to much, but I’m not a coder so hard to say for me why no one is calling for this.
(I know we can use automatic handles to let extruded anchor handles somehow follow direction, but it’s far from effectivity what I’m talking about. Thanks for your opinion.

Maybe It’s for a new post (discussion) . . .