Curve Circle's normal and tangent

curve cirle tangent and normal.blend (3.8 MB)

Does Curve Circle’s Normal point to the next point on the circle?
In this simple example, I aligned Z to the Normal of the Curve Circle but the result is quite different from my understanding. Why it is pointing outward, not tangent to the curve?
I am using Blender 3.4.1.

No, as you already found out trough experimentation it points outwards. If you search for the tangent. there is also a “curve tangent” node.


They always do. Normals are per definition perpendicular to a given entity like a plane. Its like that for points on a 2d line too and in principle also true for lines in 3d, but mathematically there is an additional degree of freedom in there then. So normally it would be not just a specific single vector but rather all those who lie in the perpendicular plane. In blender this is a bit simplified.


Thank you!
I always thought these arrows are normals, and so the tangent vector must be perpendicular to the normals.

Thank you, Now I understand. I have been thinking the arrows pointing along tangent is a normal indication for a curve.

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