Curve Editor scaling issue?

I’m trying to do a basic walk cycle but in order to make it look right I need to adjust the animation in the curve editor. On one set of bones it’s fine, the vertical axis goes up by 0.5s while the horizontal frame counter goes up by 5s. It’s a small frame, vertical shows 1 to -1 and horizontal shows shows frames 0 through 35, but it suits my needs perfectly and the curves are quite pronounced and workable.


On another set of bones on the same model at the same “zoom” for the frame counters, the vertical axis is showing a dramatically different scale, ranging from 25 to -25. This compression is screwing me up big time, I can’t get a good sense of how the curves are working at all because to see them as anything but a line I have to zoom in so far I can only see one key frame. How do I fix it so it goes from 1 to -1?

If you want to scale the view of curve editor just press and hold Ctrl-key then press and hold MMB and now move mouse horizontally to scale along x axis ( frames ) and/or move mouse vertically to scale along y axis ( value ). To scale both axes use mouse wheel(zoom).

Thanks, I was getting ready to download the source and make it happen. >P