Curve Fill Caps Issue - Weld & Bevel Modifier Combo

Hi all,
I’ve two questions regarding the fill caps option of curve:

  1. When fill caps option is enabled, seems like it creates double vertices (thus we can’t use bevel or subdivision modifiers properly). Is this a bug or known limitation? I couldn’t find any info on this, could you provide a link?

  2. So I wanted to try the new Weld modifier together with Bevel modifier. It almost works but half of the beveled cap doesn’t have smooth shading. What might be the problem here? Is there a better approach to bevel this cap? Here is blend file if you want to test below scene: Curve_Fill_Caps.blend (670.6 KB)

It seems Weld cant copy the “smooth” property correct. I cant find a bug that point directly to it but there are similar issues with vertex colors and uv.
So they devs are working on it. To prevent that this smooth problem is overseen make a post here please:

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I thought it’s slightly different issue, so I created a new bug report: T74755 .