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Hi all,
I made a model and for shaping the hair I use many curve guide and set its weight and then applying softbodies for animation individualy.Now when I animated the character I found that the hair move too quickly and there are also other adjustement.The problem is instead of selecting one by one of the curve guide and adjust the setting of the softbody is it possible to link all the curve guide with one softbody modifier so that when I adjust the softbody setting it affect all the curve guide?

Ctrl-C >> SoftBody Settings copies the settings to all selected objects from the Active Object.


Using Softbodies with curve guides…intriguing! That sounds very interesting. Can you tell more because I have a hard time understanding exactly what you are doing.

Use a NURBS Curve as CurveGuide (because you can’t set CV weights on Bezier Curves), use the CV closest to the head mesh as Goal and add a SoftBody.


Heres a test I done when the functionality was added:

I used Bezier Curves as guides on the above file and they worked fine.

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In my infatuated state, I still have a problem with how you set the weights for the control points. It’s obviously not the weight defined in the Curve tools pane, that’s only for Nurbs and you are using Bezier. So where do you set it?


Glad to help, you mark the point CV in edit-mode and then open the properties panel in the 3d window. Here you have the weight property at the bottom. Then to use the curve with soft-bodys you choose the “W” button as shown in the picture bellow.

Thanks! I’ve gotten it to work now. I’m so going to use it on the lion I’m modelling now.

The real trick is making long hair deflect off the shoulder (body) of an animated character like it does with the cubes in the excellent (carefully done) example blend above.

Been searching here and have yet to see a good solution. Force fields have been suggested but I couldn’t get anything good out of my experiments with that method.

hi, just a quick question,

when i have like hair done etc, the end of it sort of fans out, how can i make that just the tip comes together? so that its sort of spikey?

i tired weight, but i think that is for something else