Curve Modifier low poly results

I’ve got a plane with a curve modifier attached that links to a bezier curve with two points with some aggressive curvature. At the sharp bend, the plane facets. I’ve tried subdividing the plane, which doesn’t help. Adding points to the curve does help, but would complicated any adjustments.

Any thoughts on how to get the plane to match the curvature of the bezier?

Do you have merge checked? It looks like it’s reating it as 3 objects not 1.curveOnArray.blend (683.9 KB)

Set the curve resolution to 32 or higher.


Thanks All.
@colkai, the pink mesh is a single subdivided/loop cut rectangle, not an array, so merge isn’t a choice for me. The white ribbon is a nurbs path applied to the curve for reference.
@Mauk, good advice… led me to the object data properties Resolution Preview U and Render U. Increasing those smoothed it out.