Curve Modifier seems to remove geometry

Hi, I want to make my mesh follow a curve. I added extra edges so it would deform into the desired shape. The link below is an image of my mesh. (I could only add one image on this post sadly)

The problem occurs when setting up the curve modifier. It looks like some of my edges disappear.

I have applied all the transforms on both the object. I subdivided the curve for more points. I build everything I had made in a new scene, but nothing helps. It still doesn’t deform correctly. Can anybody help me?

Where does it make edge disappear, and how is it supposed to bend? Maybe share your file:

Yes, I am sorry. I am new on this site.

This is my blender file

It’s supposed to bend along the curve in the scene. The curve bends into a straight line. The higher part of my mesh is supposed to curve along the bend. The lower part is supposed to be straight.

Rotate your curve 90° around z-axis
or your model -90° around z-axis so they align.
You have to move both model and curve if you change location.

curved.blend (734.3 KB)


You’re my hero! Thanks for the help.