Curve modifier weirdness

I’m having an issue with the curve modifier, trying to deform a cone along a nurbs curve. Below are before (left) and after (right) views of applying the curve to the dragon’s horn:

The horn is positioned (loc and rot) where I want it. The horn and the curve have their object centers at the same location, as is the first point on the curve.

What am I missing?

(originally posted in Basics & Interface, no response)

I’m out of my depth here, but does it make any difference if you apply scale/rotation (Ctrl-A) to the cone beforehand?

yeah those curve modifiers are wierd, I would HIGHLY recommend a lattice. you can edit the shape well with just a couple divisions. However, I think the best solution is to turn on proportional editing and grab the tip, scroll the mousewheel to a good size and move it into the shape. That would be much faster than any other way.

Try to create your conical mesh and path from a standard view (front, top or side), parent the cone to the path, apply the curve modifier. This way, matching their axis would be easier. Then move then both to the proper location.

If you have posted some pictures, I can’t see them so it’s more like guessing…

But I DO recommend using the Curve Modifier. It works like a charm if you are working exact and keep some things in mind. You have mentioned that they’re the curve and the mesh already share the same position for their center. That is good. Now, what about the Track-axis of the mesh? You might have to adjust that in the Anim Settings tab. That sounds very likely…but again, it is a wild guess since your description seems to be based on pictures I can’t view…