Curve Soft Body

Hello Everyone,

I think I am missing something simple with this. I have bezier curve with a bezier circle as a bevel object. I have set the weights for the control points to be 1.0 on the ends, and .01 on the interiors.

I add a softbody modifier, and enable “control point weight values”. When I animate, I would expect to see the ends stay put, and the middle sag. However, only one stays put.

What am I missing?

See attached blend file

Thanks in advance!


hose.blend (43.1 KB)

OK, I think I have figured it out, but I would like somebody to tell me if this a bug or am I assuming something wrong.

I was able to make it work by setting the goal weight from the w (specials) menu, but not by setting the weights in the curve tools panel.

Again, this is how I made it work:

  1. tab in to edit mode - select the 2 end control points press w, set goal weight value = 1.0
  2. spacebar…select…inverse, w, set goal weight, value .02

Now animation works as I would expect.

Isn’t this how it should work when using the gui?

Control Points (CP) are User Input Data - the curve between two CP’s is calculated (interpolated) data. The weight of the CPs of the curve are not gravitational weight but the weighted influence that the CP will have on interpolated data between it and the next CP. So you will always need Goal Weight (Gravity Zero). I don’t know howcome the whole curve didn’t fall the first time?


Thanks for the clarification!

I didn’t really catch the difference in the 2 the first time thru this. “Set Weight” in the gui refers to the influence of control points, while “set goal weight” from the w (specials) options is for goal weights used for soft body.

As to why the whole thing didn’t fall the first time, I have no idea. I tried selecting all and reversing direction, thinking the other end would now stay put, but it made no difference.