curve taper map ?

how to make this new feature works?

tried it and does not seems to work in SVN 53119


I am using the official release and it seems to work. What is non-intuitive is that using the default settings and turning Map Taper on and off has no effect. Map Taper only has effect if it is OFF and the Bevel Start is > 0.0 and Bevel End is < 0.0.

This is a great new feature because we no longer have to convert our shape to an extruded mesh and then add an array modifier and a curve modifier to cause a shape to grow along a path via incrementing array count. We can leave everything a curve and simply animate the start and end bevel factors.

The feature does error out as bevels approach 1.0 and 0.0 respectively. So there is no way to use this feature to cause a circle to close (unfortunately) without experiencing the original and ugly tapering effect at the end.

It does seem to have render errors if your curve is closed. (i.e. Cyclic U Active).

I made celery today.


265_map_taper.blend (84.3 KB)

so this was added more for doing curves animation i guess
have to experiment some more to get a good feelling on this effect

but interesting to see curves evolve a little