Curve to mesh

How do i make curves to meshes?

I see it all the time when people trace a pic then make it a 3d object how do i do that.

In other words how do i make 1 curve into a 3d mesh

how do i make multiple traced curves into 3d meshes

I’m a noob yes, i know

My only problem is I don’t know what every button does so I can’t really use them all does anyone know of a FREE book or webpage with all the buttons and their actions

Alt + C is convert to mesh


wow I must of hit a wall there.


Ok now how do i do different reference views and connect them

like side top and front

Connect what? You can select it from the view button, or just press keys on the numpad. Then you can also press alt and put the mouse on the 3D window, and hold left mouse button and move it until you have a better view.

how do i trace top, side, and front views and then make them all meshes and filled as one object instead of 3 curves

alt+c to make it mesh i know that

but how do i make the traced objects to a solid object

select 4 verts at a time and press F