Curved Bevel on pistol

I’m making a Glock 17, but how can I make the bevel more curved, I’ve used more segments in the bevel, and used the modifier, but I can’t find out how I can make the back of the slide more curved, like this:
Glock Rear Slide
But mine just looks more straight like this :

Am I using the wrong tool or what? Thanks.

have you applied the scale of your object? it looks like your bevel is stretched on the X axis

Also dont use the bevel modifier but use the edit option on the specific edges you want to bevel

Ah yeah thanks, didn’t see that

Thanks man

You can just use Bevel (not modifier) on selected edges and play with Shape value.

Alternative way is to use Bridge Edge Loop in Blend Surface mode. It can helps achieve even more closer to “CAD like” fillets.
This is important to pay attention to support loops marked blue. They are mandatory for smooth surface blending.

Thanks, I found out that I went into object mode and scaled it, which stretched it, thanks anyway